Ever just have one of those days that isn’t really that bad… but it’s really that bad?

Work related issues, when venting to the one person that I can vent that sort of thing to who actually understands, I get yelled at. Not cool.

Ended up being stuck in the office for way too long today, I’m on a strong mission to find good new money and having a blockage thrown up in my path just sucks.

Counting dollars. Gawd I hate it. Seriously. And hoping those checks that are post-dated don’t get cashed before hand.

Property managers who can’t get organized and hold up to their promises. I’m sick and tired of it, tired enough to seriously consider moving, then I think about moving, and just no. It would be really nice if a particular piece of real estate would move sometime soon and life could move on. I refuse to move my daughter around too much.

Psycho cats that no matter what you do, they still like to play in the chiffon curtains.

Cell phones that take suicidal leaps into child’s bubble bath. That was the topping.. yeah. No pockets in the pants… so I put my cell phone in my bra/top. Leaning over to put MiniMe into the tub tonight she jumps in and she slips, so I jerk to grab her and the cell phone chooses that exact moment to leap out of it’s warm home and into the water. I rescued it quickly, dried it out and to make a long story short it’s shot. Ran all around creation trying to find a cheap one that would get me thur till I could get the Razr dried out. We are going to take it to the corporate office in the afternoon and see if they can do anything, if they can’t then … shit.

Oh, and potty training a three year old. There are sometimes accidents. Oh joy.

And all I really want to do is curl up in my mans arms and sleep.
Guess the cat will have to do.