It’s official. I’ve got (another) girl crush.

I love girl crushes. They are so much fun! Part of the fun is figuring out why it’s a crush to begin with. If a woman can actually look at it realistically and realize that she’s not a lesbian, not harboring fantasies, etc… it can actually be a good way to grow more on your own.

In this case I have this crush because of the following reasons:


  • Totally open and conversational, we talk like we’ve known each other for ages.
  • Got a great tan and long straight hair.
  • Been very successful professionally, and kicks butt at what she does.
  • A motorcycle babe.
  • Has a small zoo.

Girl crushes are something special that girls are entitled to have. You can be friends with another girl, but not have a crush on her. a crush is something that is not necessarily sexual. But more of an admiration thing than anything.