Surprisingly I had an excellent photo shoot this past weekend, surprisingly because finally after dealing with swollen eyes and puffy eyelids on and off for weeks with no long term relief in sight, a new round of eyedrops worked, almost instantly. Not sure how long I’m going to have to use them, how long the results will last but for the time being I can look normal again, thank goodness!

So the shoot I was ready to call off ended up being saved littlerly within hours. Which was cool because this photographer came down from Nashville to work with me in my very own kitchen! We had lots of fun and did three sets, majority being more along the pinup lines.

I have to give major kudos to my wonderfully supportive G. Not many men would be sitting there offering suggestions from away across the room, which is littered with photography lighting and equipment, while their girlfriend is in bitty shorts and a t-shirt in front of an open fridge with a mess of Whipped Cream and Chocolate syrup everywhere… hey I never said everything was prissy pretty!