I picked out my birthday present from Mom today.
Yeah I know… two months later. But good things are worth waiting for.

I have been secretly wanting an Apple Ipod for ages. I felt bad wanting one while I was in radio because… well… I just did okay? Then even after I left radio I read about them lustfully online, and played with other peoples when I got the chance. I made up my mind that I was going to get one soon after I started the new job… because when I am in the office… it’s just too quiet!

Well, making up your mind about something and actually going and buying one are two different things. (I’ve also made my mind up about the Guess brand polka dot “secret” style hobo purse, and the new white leather Kate Spade purse, but only their invisable versions grace my wardobe. **sigh** )

Mom got me a Target gift certificate for my birthday and I’ve held on to it. You never know when there’s going to be a shortage of funds and one might need something that Target can provide. And I debated for the longest time about getting something senseable… something that I need for the house, some summer things for Meg, etc… then when I mentioned that to Mom she stated very plainly; “I want you to buy something for yourself that you wouldn’t dare put funds towards right now. You might be an adult, but you’ve been an adult your whole life just about, so buy yourself a toy.”

So today I made my selection and picked out my “toy”. A pink Apple Ipod Shuffle. I really wanted the Nano, but I am in a very hesitant spending phase right now. It should be here hopefully before next weekend. I can’t wait!