“The risk of insult is the price of clarity.”

I read that once in one of my inspirational sales books.

I am a sales person by nature. This aspect has bled itself into every aspect of my life, and I didn’t realize it to that extent until tonight.

“The cost of the answer comes at the price of sacrifice.”

In sales you are constantly after one thing, the end goal, making the sale. In romantic relationships there comes a time when you need some clarity as to how the “sale” is going. Then the realization hit that if it’s not going well, then the same logic that I apply to my sales process, applies here.

Alot of sales people are afraid of “asking for the sale”. It’s hard, it’s a learned skill. You have to read the buyers signals, know when to ask. You have to be prepared to either barter for the sale, or walk from it. You have to be prepared for the worse, the two lettered word.

If you are a good sales person you will go back to the drawing board and derive answers as to why you got a “no”. Then you will represent at a later date to the client. It doesn’t work that way so much in relationships, because the cost is a lot higher than a whole season of American Idol commercials.