I had my first personal training session today.

I’m already feeling it. Thank goodness for IBP and Krispy Kream donuts.

I’m not sure how exactly I’m going to afford this, but I’ve done some research and it’s a little cheaper where I’m at than anywhere else, and there are other benefits of being at the Y. The company only covers my membership, not the training, but the training is cheaper thur the Y than anywhere else.

Since I’m in sales I have to be self motivating, and frankly I don’t have it in me to take away from that and put it into my workouts. I need help to get to where I want… So this is the answer. I am going to die. **laughs**

My PT is pretty good, he’s laid back and cool, but knows what he’s doing. There’s no way I could have gone into any gym and gotten even close to the same work out I did today.

I need a massage.