Well… “Model”

I’m excited. I’m in the process of scheduling a bridal photo shoot. Yep, I get to run around in a bridal dress acting like a fool, just having fun.

What can I say? The one time I got to wear a killer dress, I had spent an insane amount of money on the thing, much less there was so much of it (o.k… so I wanted a cathedral length train… and textured silk… and more beading and glittery stuff than an Elvis pantsuit) I could hardly move without assistance. So needless to say I’m excited about wearing a bridal dress and getting to move around and have fun! (i.e. running though a fountain, slidding down a banister, hanging upside down from monkey bars on a playground etc….)

And I love playing dress up, much less getting to play “bride”. (Yes my fellow feminists might hang me out to dry on this… but who are we to fool? Seriously.)

Oh and it’s considered work. Even though the work-outs suck, there are some things about my other career I’m beginning to really like!