With Valentines Day coming up the advertising is in full swing.
I heard an ad today for The Star Registry. Heard it every year.
Not just no, but oh hell no.

If a man got me a “star” I’d scream, and not in a good way. If your gonna get me somthing that “sparkles” then I’d better then be able to damn well wear it. What good is it shining in the sky? It would look better being worn shining somewhere on my body.

It’s not romantic. It’s dumb. Romantic is putting somthing shiny in a bunch of roses, not “buying” some big blazing piece of space matter and gas. If your gonna buy me gas, then get me a gift card for the Exxon.

It’s a legit operation. But if they can sell stars… then I’m going to get a scheme together for next year selling “wishes”. Yeah. Some idiots will buy it. Go on QVC and sell it at $19.99. I’ll even package them in pretty boxes. And then I’ll take the money that I make from that and go have breakfast at Tiffany’s.