“Cinderella lied to us. There should be a Betty Ford Center where they de-program you by putting you in a electric chair, play “Some Day My Prince Will Come,” and hit you and go “Nobody’s coming… Nobody’s coming…. Nobody’s coming.” – Judy Carter

So today I watched Cinderella and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs with Meg. Oh goodness it starts early! Very early. My daughter happily points out the handsome prince, and claps when he kisses the princess. She rejoices when the couple dances and rides off into the sunset, she scowls at the mean stepmother and wicked witch.

Perhaps I’m over analyzing this but if this “brainwashing” starts that early no wonder we women are screwed up when it comes to relationships!

Overtime we realize that there really is no “prince” out there, a theory that Hollywood once again attempted to drive home with the movie “Pretty Woman”. (one of my favorites, but that’s not the point here.)


  • A real man does not climb up fire escapes with flowers, or just for no reason gets them, nowdays women buy their own flowers.
  • A real man does not send his butler all over the city looking for the chick he didn’t get a chance to screw the previvious night, nowdays he just goes out looking for a new one the next night.
  • A real man dosen’t kiss a woman who has been dead for days in a glass coffin, that’s just sick!!!! Nowdays there are drugs and therapist for that.

We women can be pathetic and silly. To appear like we aren’t like all the rest, we scoff at romantic gestures and roll our eyes at chick flicks. It’s a way of building up that callous. Because if we still approached the world of relationships with the innocent vision of some form of romance, we’d be roadkill. We would hold our breath and hope that an anniversary is remembered, or we’re just surprised for no reason at all other than “just because”. After you pass out once from holding your breath till you turned blue, one learns their lesson.