This morning I awoke to hearing my darling little girl messing around in her room. I laid there and listened to her sing and talk for a minute.

When I went into her room I was greeted by a few books strewn about, the diapers emptied out of her drawer, her stuffed animals all askew, various clothing articles scattered over the room, and of course… my daughter totally naked except for a self selected bib out of her drawer.

And a diaper face down in the middle of the room.

Upon lifting the diaper in the middle of the room I was greeted by what should have been in said diaper. Obviviously the potty training is somewhat working, but not quite.

What a way to start the morning. A pile of ____ in the middle of my daughters room.

Oh, and did I mention the baby girl running to greet me with a “Hi Momma!” , wearing nothing but a baby bib. =-)