Seems like a lot of my friends are doing the marriage thing here as of late. Pretty cool. Everyone should try it at least once or twice.

One of my girls was talking about trying on her dress, and looking at her invitations. She mentioned how many times she’d probably end up trying on her dress before the wedding, and probably finding little excuses to try it back on for weeks afterwars, This conversation brought back to mind a memory of myself after Rick (first husband) and I got married.

See, I have this minor obession with Princess Diana. I always wanted a tiara like hers. Well, I didn’t get the Windsor tiara (like the one she wore in 1981 when she married Charles, but I got a replica of the Cambridge Love Knot- the one with the pearl drops) for the wedding.

From the day I got it, (special ordered from England of course!) I tried it on ever day. Then even after the wedding, I’d put it on just to wear around the house. I’m sure if Rick had known then how much I really did wear it… he would have laughed at me endlessly. He teased me enough as it was about wearing the darn thing.

Anyways, it’s funny how little conversations will bring back odd memories.