I started thinking this weekend about things I want to do / can do while I’m single.

My Hair – I know that “prefered” it needs to have some length to it… and I will always be red. But what they heck… nothings wrong with having some fun with some funky highlights and lowlights, and having a cut that is trendier than I’ve been in awhile…. I can try somthing different without having to worry about someone dragging up old photos of when “they liked it better”.

My Decor – O.k. since I moved I’ve been kinda lack in this department, not been a big priority. I’m actually pretty good in that area, just comes down to time and resources. A couple of months back I went out and brought some netural bedding. Neural and green because I actuallyo really like the color green. But I started thinking…. there probably isn’t going to be many more chances in my life that I will be able to get away with total girly-girl pink silk, other fru-fru and throw pillows. Also probably won’t be able to have a whole room done in Washington Redskins colors and stuff.

My Fridge – I have “single girl” stuff. Frozen dinners, takeout containers, frozen breakfast food, tupperwear with chilled canned fruit, slim fast, lots of water, Thin Mint Cookies and of course the grapefruit facial mist.

My Diet – Dinner can be popcorn and wine, or even salad and Spahetti O’s. There are almost always leftovers and almost always too many bad calories.

My Bathroom – I have three kinds of shampoo and conditioner, two different body washes, two scrubs, a loofah, girly smelling bar soap, a pumice stone and facial cleaning products.

My Closets – Since moving into the townhouse and giving up my favorite room (aka walk in closet) my inhabitants have had to be downsized. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to cut a shoe and purse collection in half? Or get rid of over half of your formal collection? Even better yet… get rid of everything (just about) that isn’t within 10 lbs of what you fit currently cause there isn’t room for it. Yipes. But I do have two closets, and they are all mine. At the moment a little messy… but they are MINE. No stray mens shirts drifting into the formals section, no one asking if they can hang some of their polos in my summer division. I don’t mind closet sharing…. but it’s kinda odd to have a closet with no “man things” in it at all.

My Cat – He is mine. If I choose to call him “Dammit Jack” then that’s his name. He shares my last name. That means I get to call him whatever I darn well please. He’s pampered beyond belief and loves his Mommy dearly. Yes he’s a Mommy’s boy and it’s my perogrotive to have turned him into one.

My Laundry – I most of the time somwhat fold my dirty laundry. It just looks better in the basket that way.

My Bed – I can sleep in the middle of the bed. I can stretch out and not disturb anyone but Jack. I can hog the covers, or kick them off…. with only myself to blame if I freeze.

My Singing – I can sing in the shower and not be critiqued. I can sing while doing dishes, with the garbage disposal as my backup singer. If I’m in the mood to belt out an Italian Aria… then I do without caring if someone is going to give me grief over a language they themselves cannot speak.

My wardrobe – If I so choose I can run around the house naked/half naked and not worry about someone thinking that it’s a come on. I can pull on a pair of yoga pants and a station t-shirt or even a pair of panties and a tank top, and no one else is gonna care what I look like. (Though who I am fooling… I cannot not match.)