“She’s a brick—-house
Mighty might just lettin’ it all hang out
She’s a brick—-house
The lady’s stacked and that’s a fact,
ain’t holding nothing back.

She’s a brick—-house
She’s the one, the only one,
who’s built like a amazon
We’re together everybody knows,
and here’s how the story goes.

She knows she got everything a woman needs to get a man, yeah.
How can she lose with what she use 36-24-36, what a winning hand!

The clothes she wears, the sexy ways,
make an old man wish for younger days
She knows she’s built and knows how to please
Sure enough to knock a man to his knees”
— The Commodores

There are some songs that conjur up particular memories. The one this song brings to mind is grooving in the old soft rock studio with one of my DJ buddies. One day upon walking in the studio to rib him during his airshift, this song cued perfectly and of course being the goofs that my buddy and I are, we start attemping to groove like we’re cool or somthing. So ever since then we tagged it “my song”. *laughs*

It became even funnier when I had it as my ring tone and one day we’re out having lunch and my phone goes off. And we both start trying to groove while we’re sitting there over Mexican. I don’t think the staff was amused. But we amused ourselves so that’s really all that mattered.