The Personals are an endless source for entertainment.

There is really nothing on TV tonight, I can’t seem to get into the basketball games, and I don’t feel like watching the DVD I rented.

So in my online activities I browse across a personals website and I do some browsing for the sake of entertainment and boy… am I entertained.

1 ex husband (of course it may not be him… but looks a lot like his younger pictures)
2 ex boyfriends
4 male friends/aquaintences


The younger ones seem to think it’s cool to talk in slang… and the older ones seem to think that they seem hip when using “LOL” in their profile. The most amusing one though was the one who admited to being a nudist and wanted the same.. Refreshing. Honesty.

Now in my generation it’s not that odd to meet someone romantically off of the internet. For my Mother generation it sounds a bit odd.

I met my first fiance’ off of the internet. Not a singles site, but good ole’ fashioned ICQ. I met a myriad of boyfriends online, and even met my third fiance’ online too (now I did meet him off of a Christian Singles site…. but turned out that our familes had known each other for years… my aunt even had his baby picutres in the family album. So it just showed what a small world we live in).

One of my girlfriends called me up awhile back and confessed to me that she went to dinner with a guy she met online. I say “confessed” because she treated it like she had called an escort service. There seems to be this stigma with meeting people online, I can see the angle…. but I don’t get it. Perhaps because I am part of the wired generation.

But anways…. if you need some amusment. Look at the personals. Then count your blessings for whatever it/who it is you have in your life…. cause what’s out there is scary!