I had more money on my hands at one point today than my car is worth. (Which really isn’t that impressive anymore…)

I had fun trying some pretty big pieces of coal on today.

I pretended to be Marilyn Monroe in Gentleman Prefer Blondes this afternoon.

O.k…. so I have a client who has a jewlery store and he lets me try on stuff. I think we have a “thing” going on of who’s going to buy somthing from the other one first.

What’s pretty cool though is he was quite impressed by my 12 carat cz. *grin*


I really do think I am going to wring my neighbors necks.
This loud thumping music at all hours is really starting to irritate me.
I’ve called the manager.
Still hasn’t helped.
Living here wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t live next door.

The hammer and pillow on the wall didn’t help tonight. And frankly I fear that walking over there and telling them off would be a bad idea. This sucks. I miss living in a quiet, private neighborhood where when you got into noise wars with neighbors it included a Fender sound system and Prince.


I’ve started attempting to get a tan again. I was able to get a pretty good tan last year, and I’m starting a little earlier this year. Because I’m wearing more skirts and dresses, and not wanting to have to wear hose just to get a little bit of color.

My color is pink, not tan.
Just call me the “half done lobster”