I’m willing to bet when my great grandparents came over from Ireland they didn’t think about what a evil time it would be to write our name in cursive. Sheez.

I was accecpted to medical school on my handwriting alone.

Over all it mispronounced, looks messy but it’s mine, and there are very few.

I have a fondness for my maiden name. I’ve never dropped it, I’ve never even hyphenated. Two marriages and it’s never gone away. Now that was a “handful” to write…
(Now on a deeper psychology level I susspose’ that could have been because I had some reservations about the marriages perhaps, now that just opens up a whole nother’ can of worms for another blog entry… another day.)

I gave up the quest for nice, pretty handwriting a long time ago. I ‘ve been told I write like a guy, oh well. I throw like a girl so I guess it equalizes out.