I think it was husband #1 who said “Only you could screw up boiling water or making toast, but when it comes to casseroles, you are the queen.”

So I cooked tonight. Not neccessarly because I wanted to, or because I needed to, but I think it was more of a just trying to find some sort of normalcy thing of sorts. I miss having a “household”. It kills me whenever MiniMe isn’t here, and being by onesself isn’t a bad thing, just different.

Having Jack (the cat) here helps, he is my shadow. He’s such a Mommy’s boy. He’s funny when he comes loving up on me when I’m still in the bed, cause it greatly upsets him when I hide my face under the pillow or covers from him.

So I made the mistake of trying to cheer myself up a bit this afternoon, I put Madonna in the CD player. Big mistake.

“You deserve the best in life
So if the time isn’t right then move on
Second best is never enough
You’ll do much better baby on your own”