I’m having the best night tonight… I’ve got my MiniMe… and Barry Manilow is on TV. *shreeeeeks*

I can’t help it, I’m a “Fanilow”. I’ve only seen him in concert once, here in Chattanooga back in the mid-90’s. And oh my goodness. There was this one part during the concert where he got a chick out of the audicence and sang to her right there. Gave me chill bumps. If for some reason I was ever granted a “genie” one of my wishes would have to be is to have Barry Manilow sing “Could It Be Magic” to me. (hey… I’m in it afterall!)


So he’s got a thing now going on in Vegas, he’ll be there to December. Needless to say I will have hit Vegas now sometime before the end of the year. Got to. It’s Barry.