“Well if this means that we’ll have to get rid of the cats… then your up a creek.” – Mom, upon the doctor telling her that I was diagnosed with asthama.

For years I could catch a small wiff of cigarette smoke off of someones clothes and go into spasms. Certain types of dust could have me wheezing in seconds. If I spent too much time outside, or slept with the windows open, breathing was impossible. For some reason cat had didn’t irriate me too badly, except for when I got around too much of it. Down pillows and comforters were a huge no-no.

Eventually I was able to get off of the inhalers, it was as if I “out-grew” a lot of my irritants and issues. At one point in time I even picked up smoking, it actually helped calm my nerves, even though it didn’t do nice things to my voice. I could sleep on a down pillow without having my airwaves swell shut in my sleep, and I could dust my house without having a sneezing fit.

Untill recently.
For some reason in the past few months I’ve noticed my allergies are “sensitizing” again. Not so good. I was at a girlfriends house a little while back and we were watching TV, wrapped up in a down comforter. I couldn’t figure out why I was having respitory issues. Then I’ve noticed over the past month I’m having “wheezing” attacks. Or just the ole’ “elephant on my chest” deal. I’m really hoping it’s just seasonal allergies.

In the meantime I’ve made sure I’ve removed all down products from the house, cut down on my dairy consumption and been taking benedryl lots and lots.

This sucks.
But alas… I’ll worry about it later.