Why can’t people stop impossing on my time?

I sat in line for Emissions Testing on the car today for 30 minutes. Still didn’t get it done as there were 2 cars in front of me. Screw that. Damn bastards. How else is the goverment going to screw us? I mean good grief… some rednecks who cannot keep decent running cars (and in the south it’s very prevailant) have to pollute the air with their nasty ass vehicals, therefore making those of us who drive decent cars (the majority) pay and waste our time!

So I leave the testing center, just planning on doing it in the morning. Wrong again.
Get back to the office and in under 30 minutes my morning is heavy with two in-house meetings. I have to go get a new Drivers Licence tomarrow too… oh fun.

I have clients now to meet with. It’s picking up.
I have a child to take to daycare in tenbucktwo, (not a problem, just the location is)
I have legal stuff to deal with.
I have a house that is cluttered and messy, and unfolded dirty laundry, along with clean un-put away laundry.

People keep on asking if I’m doing anything for my birthday or have any plans. Frankly NO! I have no time, not really too much of a care at this point, and it’s gotten so bad this year that I even told the girls I’m not up for a dinner even. Mom is being a pain about it, and I can’t get everyone in one place anyways. Dammit. It’s my birthday and if I say your gonna be somewhere at a certain time then you’d better damn well be there. I shouldn’t have to be the one to plan my own birthday dinner around everyone elses schedules and times and wants and needs. Sheez.

I’m in a bitchy mood. I need coffee.

So after I pull out of the Emissions Testing Hell (that I’ll still have to do tommarrow) I go up the street to a little coffee shop on the corner. I parell park (which I suck at), get out of the car in the rain, sink my heels into mud, just to find out they closed at 3pm. I think anyone in a one block distance heard me cursing.

So my choices are down to the following at this point:
A – Starbucks. Fight for parking. Walk in the rain. Pay waaaay too much.
B – Deal with Folgers crap here at work.
C – Go without till after work (and I get home after picking up MiniMe, so about 2 hours + more)
D – Grin and gulp down the leftovers from what I brought in black this morning.
E – Bitch about it now and buy a new mini pot for my cube later.


Also all my shipping is late coming in. Network card, laptop case / brief case, and some new business suits. When I pay extra for express shipping I want it express dammit.

Have I mentioned that I just feel unmotivated?