It’s my first morning on the new job…

And I’ve already spent money on a new wireless network card.

The geek inside of me still reins.


Getting used to a cube instead of an office, a little bizarre.

Already shopping for a new laptop, just to keep my eyes open b/c with the wireless network here, I will need to be up to speed. The wireless card is a “band aid” for now. Not an immediate need. I’ll be fine to wait till my first commission check. *grins*

But they did get me a sweet new Dell desktop. Nice. ( Heh heh heh… my second in a year. I must be a geek to get excited about that!) It makes up for the cube, instead of an office.

So I’m sitting here while the other sales people are in a meeting, and while one of the managers is going over the basics of radio sales with the other M (yeah, there are two of us!) And I’m buying computer stuff and catching up on RAB articles. I’ve not seen my list yet… I’m getting anxious. I wanna get to work!