I miss football season… sure it’s not over yet. But *sniffles* might as well be… no more Redskins games till next year.



It’s turned out to be a seven day work week (technically) but that’s totally o.k. because once again I have not had a quiet week, too much to get done and not enough time.

I love my job. Seriously I do. I just would love to be able to get a handle on everything. But I’m starting to realize that I’ll never catch up, and I’ll never have a handle on everything. And that’s o.k.


MiniMe is getting so big! Every time I look at her I swear in just a blink she’s gotten bigger and more grown up.

This morning she was so cute helping me get ready to head out. I had on the radio and she was dancing to Sting and primping in front of the mirror. As with most children at her age, she’s getting into the “Terrible Twos” but that’s o.k., she’ll grow out of it. In the meantime I just enjoy having my little girl around.