Another person has now joined that darned thing called “myspace”. *growls*
I am a super geek, I like to stay on top of all the technology etc… but I still have not joined this “myspace” yet.

Yes I know I’m behind the times technology wise… and that hurts my geek ego.


My Jeep era is over. I loved my Jeep. I miss my Jeep.

So now I’m looking at having to purchase another vehical. That sucks, as I am in no way ready to take that on at this time. But *shrugs* one does what one must dammit.

Even though they discontinued the line, I’m keeping my eyes peeled for an Oldmobile Intrigue or Aurora (perferably 99′ or newer). I keep on finding my eyes drifting to the VW Bugs. I wonder how a carseat will fit in the back?

It’s amusing in a way when you connect a certain memory with a song, and then eventually another angle of a meaning comes to light, and gives it a new life in a way.

“I ask you to hold me, but you don’t wanna hold me – it don’t work like that
I want you to love me – I’m losing patience now
Oh leave me alone
Stop asking for more
I’m goin’ home on my own
Oh leave me alone
I’m walkin’ out of the door
I’ll make it on my own”

“Just leave me alone
You like me to stroke you
Careful I don’t choke you, did you read my mind?
You say don’t be blue
Is that the best you can do?
I’ve lost my patience now” — Natalie Imbruglia