1. How is your year 2006 starting off? good? bad? Wat do you think this year will be like (any predictions?).

It’s only January 13, and I feel a whole nother’ 10 years older in just under two weeks.
My Magic 8 ball I got from the toy store broke a long time ago…

2. did you make any new year’s resolutions? why/why not? if so, have you managed to make good progress on them so far?

The minute I make a resolution I’ll end up breaking it for some reason. Angel and I did make a list… but we’ll see.

3. What’s on your January calendar? Any special events or dates to remember?


4. Are you sad that the holidays are over, or are you glad to be getting everything back to normal? Do you still have your holiday decorations up?

I didn’t really do much decorating this year. Who came up with the deffination of “normal” anyways? And all the decorations have been down now for just a few days past Christmas.

5. What were you doing last year at this time?

I was spending a lot more time with my daughter, as I wasn’t normally in the office for a full day every day.