i’m always up for a meme…

1. my uncle taught me how to ride horseback
2. never in my life have I been out of the country
3. when i was five I met one of my best friends.
4. high school I wish I had gone to college sooner.
5. i will never forget making my first sale in radio advertising
6. i once met James Denton
7. there’s this girl i know who really hasn’t a clue and probably never will.
8. once, at a bar I plead the fifth…..
9. by noon I’m on at least my third cup of coffee
10. last night I slept
11. if i only had a winning lotto ticket
12. next time i go to church I need to find something to shield me from the lighting bolts
13. terry shiavo is old news. it’s over. move on.
14. what worries me most one of my websites going offline.
15. when i turn my head left I see what’s on my left
16. when i turn my head right I see what’s on my right
17. you know i’m lying when Impossible
18. what I miss most about the eighties the music
19. if i were a character in Shakespeare, i’d be Juilet, I’m a fool for mushy stuff.
20. by this time next year I will be another year closer to 30
21. a better name for me would be Web Princess
22. i have a hard time understanding why things can’t be done faster.
23. If I ever go back to school correction.. that’s a when. Not an If.
24. you know i like you if I let you around my daughter for any ammount of time
25. if I ever won an award, it would be for the ability to do multiple things at once
26. darwin, mozart, slim pickens & geraldine ferraro Watson and Crick
27. take my advice, root for the Redskins
28. my ideal breakfast I’m assuming we’re talking edible….
29. i song i love but do not own Allman Brothers “Sweet Melissa”
30. if you visit my hometown, You’ll find great shopping, the best football team, good food, lots of politicians and millitary.
31. tulips, character flaws, microchips and stars Roses, Quirks, Nanotech, and Telescope
32. why won’t people stop being so stupid
33. if you spend the night at my house There is no room service
34. i’d stop my wedding for fresh coffee!
35. the world could do without a lot of stupid people
36. i’d rather be shopping or reading
37. my favourite blonde James Spader
38. paper clips are not as lethal as staples
39. if I do anything well, buy my upcomming book to find out what!
40. and by the way i got this from cady