I called up Mom last night and asked; “Why didn’t you tell me it was so hard?”

She replied; “It’s not that I didn’t tell you, you just refused to accecpt that anything for you wouldn’t be too hard not to accomplish.”

One of those things that just smacks you right between the eyes and is a contridiction in of itself in someways. There’s reasons I’m where I am today, and one of those is because I settled instead of striving for more. When you do that… settle, then your bound to screw up somewhere.


**Keep in mind some of this is being written with a Valley Girl tone**

There are many times I will admit that someone else is right… but dammit. Sgt… you were right. I am High Maintenance. This realization was come to last night when I was going over stuff with Mom. But I will admit, I am getting better. Believe it or not (now for any of my ex’s who used to give me hell for being high maintenance, who read this… and I know a few do, you might want to sit down because it’s mildly shocking) I have cut out body wraps, tanning, collagen and cold laser treaments, I no longer see my Esthetician and Masseuse, and I’m sure that my Beautitions and Nail Techs childrens college accounts are suffering greatly due to my cutbacks.

Part of it comes down to time, the other part comes down to the pure fact that I had an idea of how much I spent monthly, but not really. It’s easy to write stuff off when your under a talent/modeling contract (but when you don’t work alot it sucks). So last night it kinda hit me, I totally deserved all the digs and “Princess” nicknames, because well, that was me. The thing is, I’m not even really sure how I got caught into all of that. Sure, alot of it is just upgrades, and there’s nothing wrong with upgrading oneself. But it really is almost a full time job when you contemplate the ammount of time to keep in top-shape takes.


Have I ever said how much I love my job?

I’m flattered that there are people out there who think that I should be in front of a tv camera, but for some reason the thought makes my blood run cold. Growing up I loved microphones and cameras. My heros were the news anchors (Mom still likes to tell stories of when I finally met a former tv anchor here in Chattanooga, Tamara Lister, and how “star stuck” I was as a young child.) I also truely loved radio and when I started out in radio, I thought it might be a stepping stone to maybe one day be able to explore possiblites in TV. The result was my love affair with radio, and the fact it’s in my blood, it’s a part of me.

I’m sure TV would be a lot of fun, and a great learning expirence, and I might even come to love it almost as much as I love radio.