Looks like my Lil Sis is coming to town! *crosses fingers* I’ve been missing her like crazy, but this trip is a little differnt as opposed to her ones in the past… this one we’re going to look for a job for her, and keep an eye open on the single guys in town. Cause’ there’s this possibility of her moving…. I’m not holding my breath, but it would be so awesome, plus there is so much opportunity here as compared to where she is now.


My Manders is in town! YEAY! After being in town for almost a week I finally got to spend some time with her (and her Momma, aka my second Momma). I can’t wait till she moves back to the South, this across the continent thing sucks. She’s only going to be in town thur Friday, so we’re gotta squeeze some stuff in real fast like!


Damn neighbors were back at their freaking noise last night. Mandy stated “that’s normal aparment living“. Screw that, I don’t live in an apartment complex, I live in a townhouse. I’m not asking much… just quiet during normal sleeping hours! Don’t get me wrong… loud music is all well and good…. but this has got to end.

I did some driving around last night and there are some homes and duplexes being built on the same property where my first elementary school used to be. The thing that sucks is that it would put me back in Ooltewah, but dammit… I’m gonna blow a gasket if my neighbors don’t quiet down.


The cable company is owned by Satan. I knew this. I’ve known this. I can’t go much longer… I need net access 24/7. Not being able to work on a layout at 3am when I get a killer idea is really hindering some great thoughs and processes.

Dammit. I swore up and down they’d never see another cent from me… arrgh!

And why am I going to get my net access via the cable company? Because it’s really insane trying to get those damn rabbit ears to work, and when it comes down to it at least they run re-runs of Sex in The City on TBS. Also I’ve not heard the best thing about the local phone companys net service, even though I never had a whole lotta issues with them other than they have crappy customer service.