I’m snuggled into bed, attempting to drift off to sleep. My sound machine is cranked up, the humidifier is plugged in and doing it’s thing. There’s plenty of “white noise” and yet I still cannot sleep.

Next door there is an inconsistant thumping base line, that last night I was convinced was a really crappy band (which it was) but tonight it sounded more like someone just had their XBox volumn cranked too high. It started at 9:00 and didnt’ seem like it would be stopping anytime soon. I tried to convince myself it would be better to go over and introduce myself and tell them to be quiet during the daylight hours. At 11:00pm I had enough. I got up, got dressed and tried to look as presentiable as anyone can look at 11:00pm when they are sleep deprived.

A soft spoken woman answered the door, who didn’t seem to have a firm and clear concept of the english language. Two kids peeked out at me from behind her. I could see a huge entertainment system and tv in the living room. I asked her if the volumn of whatever it was could be turned down, that last night I was kept up till the early morning hours, and the noise was keeping my little one awake. (She wasn’t with me, nor has she been the last two nights…. but she didn’t need to know that!) My neighbor blammed the noise on her little ones who like to play with the remote. Bid adieu and went back home to a little bit more quiet, not complete but better. Let’s just hope it stays that way. They seem nice, a bit odd, but nice though.

Soon after I get settled back into bed, (with the now still there, but less loud thump of my neighbors noise….) a dog starts yapping in my backyard. Well, neither neighbor has a dog, and the only place where I could figure it was coming from was the subdivision behind my backyard. Oh gee….. I get one neighbors noise quieted down a bit… then I have to deal with the subdivision behind me.

I started wearing ear plugs when I was living with R because of his formidable snoring that would shake the house, they didn’t help much. I hated wearing them, but you do what you must to get sleep. Problem with them though, is that I won’t hear Meg if she wakes up. Now that I’m the only adult around, I can’t take that chance. Also I have had a tendency to not hear my alarm when I wear ear plugs. *sigh* I’m giving it one more month. If it’s still this bad then I’m going to start looking at real estate again, cause’ this is bullshit. (Cause’ by the way I look at it… Why pay rent on somthing you’ll never own, when you could be paying the same amount on property that you can eventually make a proffit off of?)