Had a fantasic night last night at Camilles. We injected a hen with some sauce stuff that wasn’t too bad… The process was more fun than the finshed product was to eat. We think it had somthing to do with it not being completely defrosted when the “injecting” was started.

Lila made it over before we started to eat, so finally at last, the girls were able to have another one of our “Girls Nights” with the three of us. Sometimes that’s just what the soul needs, a night with two of your best girl friends.

Before the evening was over I morphed into geek mode and managed to get Cams computer running a helluva lot faster than it was, and discovered some new embeddng net software crap I wasn’t aware of. Damn trojens and hijackers!

Lila and I also got Cam set up on the Chattanooga Message Board, she’s been a lurker for ages, but now she’s a member. She’s not a Notta Party virgin, as she went to the November Notta Dinner, so a few people know her which is cool. I’m just glad we were finally able to get her set up.

Before the night was over you would know that I would do somthing silly or stupid… how about both? After an evening of no mishaps…. in decending the stairs to take a bottle of wine back downstairs… I slipped on the steps for some unknown reason and managed to soak myself in wine…. but I think I saved the carpet! I think I’m gonna have an interesting looking bruise on my bum though…