Oh yeah… my boys kicked some bum today! The Redskins got the Giants… and now it’s a wildcard… but could we hold our breath and say “finals”?

What could be better!? There is a reason in my family why we have Redskin player ornaments on our trees.

Is it weird that I’m a chick and I miss having ESPN (on occassion)?

Or is it weirder that I’m enjoying the silence (sometimes) and getting more reading done than I have in ages.


O.k. so It’s Christmas Eve and I’m here at my parents. I felt like I was reverting back when I walked into my old room. It dosen’t look the same except for a few shelves, and my first personal major antique aquisition, an old dresser that has seen much better days.

The room is much different then it was when I moved out years ago. When I left there was poetry, quotes and various chemical formulas painted in a freelance style around the room. There was a lot more floor space as it was just a bedroom and not a “guest room / Meg room / closet overflow”. I’m much different too. It’s one of those I almost didn’t come to Mom and Dad’s tonight because of the “reverting back to childhood” bit. What’s sad is what won me over was the lure of Dad’s new computer and internet connection (even if it is AOhelL).

The bad thing about being at Moms is the food she keeps around during the holiday season… I’ve been so good this year. I’ve avoided excess sugars and calories like the plague. But it’s impossible not to get into Mom’s fresh homemade chocolate chip cookies… Mmmm…. Thankgoodness for fat pants.


“Can’t be alone under the mistletoe
He’s all want and a big red bow
Santa can you hear me
I have been so good this year
And all I want is one thing
Tell me my true love is near
He’s all I want just for me
Underneath my christmas tree
I’ll be waiting here
Santa thats my only wish this year”
— Britney Spears