I am allergic to somthing… and it’s about to really piss me off. For about two weeks now I’ve been dealing with an allergies that no pill has been able to kick. I started having issues back in September, which is normal with the time of year, but it never stopped.

When I moved into the townhouse things seemed to not plague me 24/7, but I started to notice that soon after I made my way into work my sinuses would swell, etc… I’m sounding like a Jewish Frog… nasal and croaking. I’ve never had just a sinus deal last this long.

Oh, and catch this… for some reason if I don’t rinse my laundry twice, I itch. (And I use one of those good “free” detergents and softners.) That’s one of the many reasons why I’m thinking there’s some weird allergic thing going on.

What’s additionally weird is that I’ve had my asthma under control for a few years now, no major episodes… and so few minor ones I can’t really count them, untill one evening the other week when I had the worst attack in ages. Thankfully I had an old inhaler on hand, but still, it was bizzare.