Just as soon as I think nothings going on, and I’m not going to pursue anything along the lines of spokesperson/modeling crap, I get a job offer. Pretty sweet, spokesmodel for an event with a hardware store. Three day gig, and not a huge amount of money, but so-so. If I had a bit more of advanced notice I think I’d jump on it… unfortunately it’s this week and I just don’t see it happening.

Sucks. It’d probably be fun.

Note: This comes less than 24 hours after my realization that if I had to put inch measurements on a new comp card I’d be screwed. No longer can I boast of a 11 – 12 inch difference, I’m lucky to reach the 10. Still above average, but not good enough for me. Then again I’ve not been visiting the gym, and my treadmill hasn’t moved yet. So I guess it’s not so bad, all considering.