Been an interesting few days… first time in ages I’ve had two days off in a row! Shock of all shocks!

Bad thing is, is that I’m massivly stressing. I hate being lied to, I hate certain people, and I can’t stand not having answers and plans. It’s just overly wrong and stressing all around.

Had a good night out with the forum crew at a local Japanese Steakhouse. Good food and good friends. It was Camiles first forum event and her first time at a Japanese resturant where they cook in front of you.

Went on the hunt for an apartment/townhome this weekend too. Didn’t find much, it’s just depressing. See, Cam and I had talked about me just moving in there, but it’s starting to seem more complicated than it’s worth. So I went housing hunting. Quite annoying. I could never be a real estate agent. I tried to be cool and not freak out of the lack of closet space in the apartments I saw, but I know I did a bad job. I did located some townhomes that look very promising, we’ll keep our fingers crossed.

I just wanna curl up on the couch and watch football, perferably if the Redskins are playing.