Well by the end of the weekend I will have “worked” for way more than I should have. What’s sad is there’s really not much of a way out of it. I like doing a good job, and I take pride in keeping things up to date, unforntunately no matter what I do I always feel like I’m falling behind. Or what’s worse, is that I do get behind and then I feel like people are calling me on the carpet, when they really aren’t.

Could be much worse. At least I love my job, but seeing the four walls of my office seven days a week sucks.

On the homefront the laundry is done, and that’s about it. *sigh* I had a great plan of working a half day on Wednesday but that got screwed. Oh well. Gotta work Friday, *growls*. Somthing isn’t right and unforntuely there’s not much I can do about it. *pissed*