Thirteen Things about Red

1. I am addicted to Ebay.
2. Fellow geeks who cannot follow a normal conversation can be annoying.
3. I have no patience for things that should have been done right the first time.
4. My cats are gay.
5. My Jeep has a mind of her own, especially when a huge puddle calls from the other side of the road.
6. I dislike the way I sound in commercials.
7. I cannot do a British accent without slaughtering it, a shame for a Monty Python fan.
8. No one over the age of 65 should have a cell phone, unless they have been taught properly on how to use it.
9. Most people just annoy me, very few truly amuse me.
10. When I find something I really like, more often than not I will buy multiples of it.
11. As of right now I’m expecting at least 16 people for Thanksgiving.
12. I’m reading “The Modern Woman’s Guide to The Law”
13. I think that the penguins in Madagascar are the cutest thing since the Coca Cola Polar Bears.

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