I got a great surprise the other day… My boss handed me the new Neil Diamond album. (I have such a cool job and boss for multiple reasons, but the free music bits on occasion are pretty sweet.)

It’s called “12 Songs” and it’s all new stuff written by Neil Diamond. Pretty damn good, there are a few songs (like on any CD) that I think aren’t really that great… but there are others that are really good! Techinally the title is misleading because there are two bonus songs/tracks.

There’s one on the album that he did with Brian Wilson (Beach Boys) that’s called “Delirious Love” that’s just catchy and can get stuck in ones head pretty easy.

“Like a ride on a rocket it took us up
Didn’t want it to stop and it shook us up good
We were moving fastJust ahead of the law
We were beggin’ for more
And what a blast
Comin’ round to a new kind of view of it
Never did it before we were doin’ it now
And I gotta say it was easy to give
Was a reason to live another day
Neither one of us stopping to figure out
What the roll and the rockin’ was all about
All we knew was that we couldn’t get enough
You and me in the heat of delirious love
Makin’ time to the beat of delirious love” — Neil Diamond