Thirteen Things about Red

1. I have a passion for things legal, but am petrified to go to law school due to fear of a midlife crisis at the age of 34 when I realize I didn’t have as much of a passion for it as I should.

2. I believe that when I wear my Redskins jersey, they have a better chance of winning.

3. My favorite thing to put in my coffee is Baileys.

4. I perfer white linens to colored linens.

5. Secretly I want to host my own radio show that covers modern feminism, politics, and other miscellaneous bullshit.

6. I have a really good blog template I want to switch over to, but I’m petrified of screwing things up.

7. One of my favorite places is my closet.

8. I have two left feet and cannot do anything graceful.

9. My daughter and I have the same middle name.

10. One day I will become a published author.

11. I have never been out of the country, even though I have had many multiple opportunties, and I regret not taking them.

12. My Jeep is a girl, and she even has a name, Jinger.

13. Handwriting was never my strong point.

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