A dumbass moment goes past any blonde moment to be had… it’s much worse. I had a bad dumbass moment this weekend.

A simple conversation… of all things for me to draw a blank on. I really do think my brain has gotten rusty. Mensa would laugh their asses off at me if I was to attempt to join.

Rewind a few years……..

I went home with a few science fair awards, which later on looked really good on college applications, good enough so that some schools thought that I was really science smart.

I was the first one in my class to have a university library card (in sixth grade) because the books that I needed for my science project could not be found at the school or local library.

I set up a mini-labratory in my bedroom where the dissection of drosphilla melagastor (fruit fly) took place, untill one day it gets a little out of hand, and I was forced to move it to the school lab.

I spent my free time reading medical journals in the back of my Grandparents pharmacy, or in my optometrists office reading his old college textbooks.

Then in simple conversation, years later, I draw a blank on the names of the four components of DNA.

A is for adenine, G is for guanine, C is for cytosine, T is for thymine.

D is for dumbass for not remembering.