What in the world? I swear I have the worst luck with this laptop. I couldn’t live without it though. Now there are keys that are “shorting out”. Pisant. How annoying. I don’t get it. Not that I didn’t have enough to have to do, now it’s another trip to the Laptop Doctor. (Who by the way is a friend of mine who totally rocks when it comes to computers.)


All I really want to do is curl up and just be.

Simple things are somtimes the most difficult.


There are a few things that in all this chaos, I am sure about. Those few things are of a lot of comfort. You never realize how much you appreciate somthing that could be looked at as a small thing, untill you realize how much of an impact it has on just one day of life.


Six Things I love:

* My darling, adorable daughter

* Old movies with Humphery Bogart

* Radio

* My Sigiefried kitty curling up with me

* Old textbooks

* Working HTML


Is it bizzare that I enjoy reading legal guides and publications?

What’s odd is that I’m missing like a whole crate full of text books. I’ve searched the whole house, and Moms…. I’m distrubed over this. The sad thing is… that I just realized this tonight.