I left work on Friday feeling like a Pagan. There had been discussion amongst many over Wicca v.s. Witchcraft, and a un-educated comment taken the wrong way. I cannot stand ignorance and stupidity. Don’t just go with what everyone else thinks, untill you know for sure about it for yourself.

Now let me clearly state here that I am not a so-called “Pagan”. I was raised Seventh Day Adventist, and I am still a participating member of the SDA chruch. Yet, I do not believe that there is any particular “correct” path, belief system, etc…. Everyone has their own belief of God and things beyond human understanding. In the end, one is held responsible for knowledge, if your stupid and just “play church” then that’s a whole different story (and blog topic). Untill I took the steps to educate myself outside of the system, I refused to believe that there was anything “right” beyond what I had been taught.

Society in general has multiple screwed up concepts. One of them being is that Wicca and Witchcraft are the same things as Satanism. Not so.

Some deffinations –

Wicca: Pagan religion. Belief in the God and Goddess. Reverance for Nature. Accecptance of reincarnation, phenonmons that occur in nature, and magick practices.

Witch: Someone who practices folk magick. Techinally one who practices projecting personal power, and the use of herbs and other items found in nature as tools.

Witchcraft: The practice of a Witch. This is NOT Satanism.

Magick: Natural energies. Energy is in everything around us; nature, words, movements, sounds, etc… Magick is using the energy to give it purpose, and releasing it. This is a natural practice. The concept of “dark” or “black” v.s. “white” comes from whom is working with the Magick.

Now I should note that “Magick” is not the same thing as “Magic”. Magic is an art form using slight of hand and Illusions.

Wiccans don’t worship Satan, to them he dosen’t exist. This is a conecpt that has been perverted and pased down over the years, ignorance. There has been a lot of slander that has gone on, that isn’t right. Ever hear of “karma”? What you put out, comes back to you. (For a Christian slant, read Matthew 25:40)

Wiccans do worship the Unknown God, in two forms, a God and a Goddess. (Adding another angle to the “Unknown God” term.) They worship the same God as Chrisitans, just in another form. (Acts 17:22-23)

*To Be Continued…. It’s late and I need sleep*