Fresh manicure and pedicure…

I go down to the studio (known to most people as a den/basement/man-pit) to look for a book I’d been wanting to cite from. (The Physchology of Women in a Biosocial Context). Then I looked over on the couch and saw my set of linking rings peeking out at me.

Now when I did perform I never did the smaller stuff, I’m way too klutzy. I’d rather play with swords and blades instead. At one point Robert had worked on a solo routine for me with the linking rings, to include fire and a rose. Very femine, yet with a kick-ass edge. Plans were set aside twice, once after I busted a nail while trying to catch a flying ring, and the other time because I decided not to take on a competition.

So I pick up the rings and tried to manipulate them for awhile. It’s one of those that looks so simple but takes some work. And lo and behold…. I launch one into the air, and CLICK! Just luck it worked, but it did. Tried it again, and chipped a nail. Ooops. Stupid.