When you can let someone inside enough to trust them, it’s a powerful thing. It’s also such a leap.


My brain is overworked. I cannot seem to ever just have “one” major thing come up, there always has to be multiple things all at once. It never rains…. it pours.

I am finally working on, and accomplishing, at accecpting myself. Realizing that lables, are just that… labels. People are going to judge, no matter what choice is made.

We only go around the sun once. Why not make the most of it, and find happiness? Life is too short and frankly, I hate being under estimated because I’m under 30.


Money or Happiness?

What’s more important?

It’s the trick of finding a balance between the two. Money is nice, but it can’t make you happy. I’ve had money, I’ve had no money. Been on both sides of the fence. I perfer the side with money, but yet I also know that there is life beyond the larger paycheck.

At times I think Satan must be in radio…. it’s a sadistic biz. And once you get it in your blood, it’s next to impossible to get out.

I could make a move to make more money, and do somthing that I’m good at, that I enjoy. While staying in radio… or I could stay where I’m at, doing somthings that I’m good at, and that I love.

A career should get you hot and bothered, like a lover.