I am pissed…..
Majorly pissed.

My new cell phone is not here yet. I finally got an email from the seller today right before I filled papers with Ebay. It stated all sorts of bullshit and then blammed it on Wilma.

I’m beyond pissed off.


I’m going to see Neil Diamond…. I’m gonna go see Neil Diamond…. I’m flipping out excited! Just one more about to be done on my list of “must sees”.

I hate driving in Atlanta.


Tonight I happened to glance over in traffic and there was somthing that made me drool. It was red and chrome. It was enough to make me slow down and take a third look. If I was a guy, I might have had a hardon.

It turns out it’s the new Lexus GS 430.

4.3 Liter V-8. 300hp @ 5,600 rpm. 325 lb-torque @ 3,400 rpm.

I’m over my infatuation with the Volvo S80.


I enjoy Halloween. I was really wanting to attempt to get out to a Haunted House this year, just hasn’t happened yet.

I have some of my favorite memories with friends over Halloween. One year in academy Andrea and I swipped a bunch of Real Estate For Sale signs, and under the cover of darkness put them up all over the school lawn. We TP’d somthing….. I forget what though…. I just remember going to Bi-Lo and buying the cheapest TP we could find. Another year we went to haunted houses with Shea and had a total blast.

Becky and I used to spend a lot of Halloweens together, untill her parents decided we were too old to Trick or Treat. We were such dorks, we even went to our teachers houses.

Then of course there is the year when Clinton was in office and the Lewinsky scandel was hot. I went as Monica that year. My hair was much darker, and I was a lot heavier. I got second place in the costume contest that year, because I “didn’t have to put that much effort into it”. Bastards. I had to put up with a lotta cigar jokes.


When it really comes down to it, it’s the simple things that really matter. The so called ordinary, that becomes special.