Only I could screw up Pilsbury Pre-Made Cookies. You know the kind that are already pre-cut, laid out on a tray, etc…..

Pretty golden color…. crispy edges, and mushy middles. Yeck.

Give me good ole cookie dough any day. Not the premade crap.


Just when you think you won’t hear anything new from an artist… you get a surprise.

“these cloudy days
are comin’ to an end
and you don’t have to be afraid
to fall in love again

baby i would never make you cry
i would never make you blue
i would never turn away
i would never be untrue
i know a place where we can go
where true love always stays
theres no more stormy nights
no more cloudy days” — The Eagles


It’s pathetic that I would possibly consider not doing mornings just to avoid this back/neck/shoulder pain. When it affects my “computing” it’s not cool.


They call him Tater Salad…

Turns out that Ron White is gonna be in Macon first week of November on his “Drunk in Public Tour”. Crap. Looks like I’m gonna miss the Scotch drinking, non-stop smoking, funny man this time.

Good news though… he’s a part of the “Blue Collar Comedy Tour” that will be in Nashville in February.

I used to do really good on keeping up on this sort of thing… life gets busy.