Yeppers… you heard right.

It’s Freak Ass Friday.

Or that’s what it sounds like if you ramble the name of a particular promotion off a little too fast.


I can deal with clutter, I cannot deal with messyness. There’s a huge difference.

I get home yesterday with all thoughts of a muscle relaxer, pain pill (due to formidable back/shoulder/neck pain) and sleep. Instead I am occupied with cleaning. I cannot wait to get a housekeeper back, but even then I fear it won’t help much.


Once again found myself on Ebay yesterday buying yet another cell phone. I love the particular model that I have, but for some reason it dosen’t last long. It’s a Motorola flip phone and the technology is great, but they seem to break down pretty fast. So now this is my fourth cell phone in a year, I think.

I should just deal and change my contract from AT&T to Cingular (even though they are the same company, the plan isn’t the same) …. but I don’t wanna.