So I’m standing there in the grocery store and for some reason I find myself singing along with the piped in music. Yeppers… I’m a dork. The really scary thing was that if I say so myself I wasn’t doing that bad of a Melissa Etheridge impression.

“One look from you, I drift away
I pray that you are here to stay

Anything you want, you got it
Anything you need, you got it
Anything at all, you got it
Baby” — Roy Orbison


I had the best pedicure today. There is this new spa in downtown Chattanooga called Mystic Mods. Instead of the quiet stuffy atmosphere of most spas, this one is more energetic and colorful. There is also somthing to be said of a spa that will offer you a glass of wine if you would like one.

Also when you look around and realize that you are surrounded by various types of different art, it’s just plain cool. I did see one painting, by a local artist that I really liked, there are no other words to describe it other than “energy”.


I’m so happy…. my new work computer will be in my office by COB tommarrow. I probably looked like a kid a Christmas today checking out the specs. I can’t help it, I love new computer toys and stuff.