Is it odd that I get more excited than a man when the Victoria Secret cataloge shows up in the mail? Or is it odder that I haven’t actully stepped foot into the actual store in at least a month? (See…. The Shopaholic can reform herself.)


I cannot stand a dirty car. Outside it’s understandable to a certain extint, (And it’s odd to hear me say this, but I finally understand why people won’t wash their vehicals after playing in the mud. My Jeep has made me love puddles.) But to have a dirty interior? Yuck. A little clutter is normal, and when there is a little one, of couse there will be some clutter. But when things are sticky and just nasty, and not from the little one either ….. Ewwwwwwwww.


Ever just have one of those days where you got a helluva lot done, but you don’t feel like you’ve even begun to chip away at the “to-do list”?


Odd: I am more comfortable with a computer and the aspects thereof, than I am with a phone system. I am petrified of phone systems. I have operated a 50+ line system, so it’s not that I haven’t done it…. cell phones I understand (somewhat) regular phones weird me out.