When I see the black box with a red ribbon / or the black bag with a red drawstring, I get happy. Getting packages in from Sephora.com makes me happy. Yes, Chattanooga is lacking… but thanks to the gift of online shopping, most anything is possible.


“I don’t wanna be angry no more
But you know I could never stand for this
So when you tell me that you love me, know for sure
I don’t want to be lonely anymore” — Rob Thomas


How sad is it that a good majority of Abby’s and my emails back and forth are nothing but links of whatever the shopping subject is that moment?

The first time we went “big shopping” I think the ladies at the BCBG boutique thought we were nuts when we informed them that a particular item was cheaper online. It was either that, or the shreeks that we both made when we saw the newest stuff that hadn’t made it online yet.

That was the same shopping trip that when we went to the Betsy Johnson boutique we found out that Betsy herself had been there the day before.


I have an interview tommarrow.
Now this is not unusual, as I am not one to turn down interviews.
The unusual things is that it’s for my old job, basically.

I’ve had plenty of offers to go back into radio sales, but when it boils down to it, it’s not where I belong. I can sell ice to an Eskimo, and I know radio, but that’s not the issue.