Untill tonight I didn’t realize that I didn’t miss having to wear a suit to work. I don’t miss it at all.

My darling new pink tweed that I just got in, just dosen’t look “professional” enough. Black is too predictible and unorginal. It’s too early in the fall for choclate brown. I am stumped.

I was the woman of suits. I was the one who was called upon to go “grown up clothes shopping”. I used to love my suits, now I have a bitter taste when looking at them.

I feel so old. I used to feel grown up wearing my suits. Old as in “I’ve gotten past this stage of my life.” I’m much more comfortable in my jeans and cute tops than I have ever been in a suit.

(This has the feeling of somthing deeper lurking… but it’s late and I don’t feel like distracting myself any longer.)