My Mom and R went and checked out the Day Care that Meg will be attending today.

My daughter will be in Day Care.

The very thing I spoke out against for years.

I used to spout off that you didn’t have children to deposit them in a facility along with other children, to be raised by other adults. I worked as a Nanny for years, and saw too many children miss their parents. So when first had to choose the lesser of the two evils, a Nanny or Day Care, I went for a Nanny. Well that was a disaster. So now I’ve agreed to place my daughter in Day Care.

I know that Mom is even more anal-retentive than I am when it comes to child care issues, so I wanted her to check it out for sure. I felt a major relief and disapointment when she said everything was great. I know that if I had gone, nothing would have been good enough, and I would have vetoed every single place we went to.

My mother gave up a legal career to stay at home with me. Even as a single mother she kept that belief strong. She put me in Day Care for only a couple of days a week while she was looking for work. Mom gave up her lifestyle, her career, and so much more, to make sure that I got the best of care, from my Mother.

When I start doubting myself, the best thing that I can do is remind myself that I am a better Mom, by not being a full time Mom. Wisdom I have really begun to accecpt and understand as of late.